Integrated, intelligent, innovative design!

Minimum sliding system IFRAME offers you a limitless view if you want. This innovative system provides safety and comfort with optimal insulation and quiet operation.
Largeframeless windows configure the space and create a ray of hope in both the new and the old building. It is the system of choice for the comfortable renovation of architectural masterpieces as well as new buildings in private and business areas.
IFRAME sliding systemintended for outdoor installation on facades. It is very flexible and available in various sliding configurations. This allows the use of sliding and fixed elements. The elements include profiles and insulating glass. Only a 20 mm wide vertical is visible. On the sides, the profiles are covered with a connection profile, which ensures that the door is watertight and rigid._

The maximum size of the sliding element is limited to 7m2. The thickness of insulating glass in double glazing is 32 mm and 56 mm in triple glazing. The frame includes one or more guides equipped with a special sliding system. This ensures that the weight of the glazing is distributed over the entire structure of the building. These special properties allow the production of large-scale sliding walls with a very thin profile.

There are many different locking options that comply with the requirements of anti-burglary protection, the most common being the design of the lock button system. In addition to the standard manual opening, the opening with the help of electric motors with a wall switch is also available, or the opening with the help of a remote control
The drainage frame runs horizontally
The purpose of thermal insulation, according to the requirements of construction, is to provide thermal comfort without excessive energy consumption, to reduce the effects of condensation. The thermal conductivity coefficient of the IFRAME system is Uw = 1.26 W/m2K at a dimension of 4.00×2.70 m with glazing Ug = 1.1 W/m2 K. and Uw < <0,9 W/m2K with glazing Ug = 0,7 W/m2K.
Clean organization, incredible transparency, flawless transitions and exceptional perspectives in a comfortable living environment for the whole family. IFRAME gives new ideal perspectives for the future.IFRAME sliding systemachieves smooth transition, removes obstacles between the closed space and the outside, extends the living room into nature and brings a whole new bright feeling of spaciousness.


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