The systems are intended for residential buildings, both new and renovated.

New products offer maximum degree of thermal and acoustic insulation.. With reduced frame widths they offer elegance and pure forms.

67CL-36 series

Sliding system with thermal bridge for the production of sliding windows and doors with the possibility of triple glazing with high thermal insulation.
Minimum frame widths and clean lines meet high aesthetic andarchitectural standards.

· Thermal insulation:
Uw = 1.0 W / m2 K triple glazing, Uw 1.4 W / m2 K double glazing
· Excellent airtightness

Technical characteristics:
· Glass: 36 mm
· Frame width: 67 mm – 110 mm
· Maximum wheel load: 200 kg
· Maximum frame height: 3000 mm

· Fixed wing + opening wing / double-wing / four-wing

SC156TT Series:

The sliding-lifting system is a newer system of the highest quality, intended for the new construction market.
Its essential feature is thepossibility of glazing large areas with minimal frame widths and clean lines that will give your home an elegant and modern example.

· Thermal insulation

Uw 1.0 W / m2K triple glazing, Uw 1.3 W / m2K double glazing
· Excellent airtightness: class 4
· Excellent water resistance: class 1,200 Pa
· High acoustic insulation
· The system is equipped with an anti-burglary solution.

Technical characteristics:
· Glass thickness: up to 50mm
· Frame width: 156 mm
· Maximum wheel load: 400 kg
· Maximum frame height: 3000 mm

· Double-leaf / four-leaf / single-leaf sliding with fixed glazing OR on the inside of the wall opening.

BSF70 Series:

New series of profiles for glazing large exit surfaces on “accordion”

Advice from our experts

Energy saving of PVC windows is ensured by the use of quality materials.


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