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Facades are one of the most important segments of buildings, both in terms of living comfort and in terms of energy consumption. You can choose between different materials and facadeconstructions.
All of our systems consistof top quality materials, which will protect the building from different weather influences, which is of course crucial for the facade – as the most exposed part of any building.

Ventilated facades combine features of energy efficient construction, economic feasibility andarchitectural quality.

Due to attraction, simplicity, treatment and installation, ALU facade panels are an excellent choice on both new and existing buildings, on roof structures…

The panels consist of two layers of aluminum plates with PE polyethylene filler or (F) mineral filler. They are available in thicknesses of 3, 4, 6 mm, in widths of 1000, 1250 and 1500 mm and lengths of 2000 to 8000 mm.

Besides, the choice of colors is possible in the widest spectrum.

Glass facade coating is made of high quality, weather-resistant materials, as the facade is the most exposed part of the building.

We make different types of glass facades: structural and semi-structural and facades with a visible profile. Glazing can be made of single or insulating glass, safety tempered or laminated glass.

Glazing can be made of single or insulating glass, safety tempered or laminated glass.

Some of the facade panels can also be used as a first-class decorative element.

Thermally insulated facades offer to architects and investors a wide variety of design and functional options. Our facades boast excellent static and thermal properties.

The series includes a range of profiles for the execution of load-bearing structures, with static properties suitable for different construction requirements. It is suitable for ceiling heights up to 8 m, the horizontal and vertical spacing of the facade mesh is adapted to the pressures of strong winds and the weight of the fillers up to 700 kg.

The system allows the insertion of structurally glued or mechanically attached glass fillers, as well as opening elements of various construction typologies.

The pillar-crossbar system, which is 50 mm wide, is intended for the execution of continuous vertical and sloping facades, roofs and conservatories.

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Energy saving of PVC windows is ensured by the use of quality materials.



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