• Energy savings

  • Reduction of heating costs

  • Growth of comfort

  • For all design options.

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To make you feel safe in your home in all weather and other conditions, SIMER PLUS PVC windows are the right choice. Profile depths with high thermal insulation, anti-burglary protection,great range of color shades are available.

The windows are distinguished by modern, contemporary and elegantly designedPVC profile. A large selection of colors enables adapting to your wishes, it beautifies the exterior of your home and completes the interior in a modern way. The windows are suitable for replacement on existing buildings as well as for new constructions.

Due to its many widely used properties, SIMER PLUS 76 PVC windows always satisfy the needs of individual customers as well as building contractors and architects.

Total thermal conductivity: Uf = 1, high requirements 0 W / m2K
Total glass thickness:from – to
Sound insulation of glass:
Sealing:3 seals that provide greater thermal and acoustic comfort
Profile type: TROCAL 76, 6 chamber system
Type of glass:two-layer 24 mm or three-layer 48 mm
Frame and sash thickness: 76 mm

Modern PVC-ALU window meets all requirements: design, functionality, building physics, isolation, and it is also environmentallyfriendly and durable, optimal combination of materials, elegant exterior made of aluminium in practically all colors, optimal weather protection, excellent stabilityand extremely easy care and a naturally white PVC interior.

Excellent thermal and sound insulation, provided by a PVC profile, while the aluminum coating provides maximum elegance.

Total thermal conductivity: Uf =1,0 W/m2K
Total glass thickness:from – to

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Energy saving of PVC windows is ensured by the use of quality materials.



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