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Do you want your kitchens to be free of flies and your bedrooms free of mosquitoes?
Why would you close windows and doors because of annoying insects and be left without fresh air? We offer you a quality, simple and aesthetic solution that will protect your home against unwanted insects in the summer heat. Insect screens adapt to your windows in terms of functionality and aesthetics as they are tailor-made and personalised.

The insect screen is attached directly to the window frame. It is durable, light and easy, as it can be removed or attached to the window frame.

Sliding insect screen is used for passages to the terrace or atrium, side front door or balcony door. This system is special because the frame of the insect screen slides along the upper and lower guides. Single-sash, double-sash or multi-sash versions are available, and you can close it from the inside as well as from the outside.

The system of sliding insect screens allows protection of openings up to 7.6 m width and 3.2 m height. If you install a Flyscreen insect screen, you can leave your door open more often, increase ventilation, and reduce the use of air conditioners. Flyscreen insect screens are protected against damage, dust and dirt as they roll completely inside the frame when not in use. They are perfectly balanced which means they stay open in any position without brakes.

The sash (door) insect screen is most suitable for side front doors, balcony doors and passages to the terrace. It is installed on the outer side of windows or doors. Sash insect screens are made of high quality materials and are available in the entire RAL scale.

This type of insect screen offers very elegant and practical protection against insects. The insect screen can be integrated into the roller shutter cabinet and, like the roller shutter, it can be raised and lowered along the guide in your window frame. We install the roller insect screen in the roller shutter cabinet so that it moves between the glass and the roller shutter, and it is also possible to install it as an independent element on an existing window. The roller insect screen can be lowered and raised as desired.

Pleated insect screens are an elegant solution for protection against insects. Thanks to their easy installation and operation, pleated insect screens are very popular with larger panoramic walls and balcony doors, as well as with balcony doors without a threshold. Several possible executions are available. The tension cords allow constant tension and even movement of the mesh. The insect screen moves left and right with a simple push or by pulling the side profile and allows stopping at any position.
Colors of insect screens:
Like roller shutters, you can choose insect screens in any color from our color palette, and more demanding customers can choose colors of their choice.

Advice from our experts

Energy saving of PVC windows is ensured by the use of quality materials.



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