• Energy savings

  • Reduction of heating costs

  • Modern architecture

  • Weather resistance

  • Light regulation

  • Anti-burglary protection

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Shutters have the leading place among different traditional systems for protectionand dimming of spaces and are most common in the Mediterranean area.

Shutters are available in different colors. In addition to the already mentioned designfunctions they offer a number of additional benefits:

  • dimming and shading of rooms,
  • protection from prying eyes from the surroundings,
  • defense against energy losses
  • protection of glass against hail,
  • protection against wind and cold,
  • additional sound insulation,
  • anti-burglary protection,
  • easy cleaning.

Bi-fold shutters with a custom finish combine aesthetics and safety. The system includes an aluminum frame made of aluminum tubes with a cross section of 60 × 40mm and 4 lifting aluminum crossbars along the sash and a central double-sided hinge that allows the system to be lifted.
The 230V motor with mechanical switch is mounted in the lower part. The power supply slides longitudinally along the side of the door inside the guard.
The “Blackout” system consists of aluminum side guides with a cross section of 60 × 43 mm and an internal lifting mechanism with an upper pin, for support and movement of the door. Fastening is usually lateral by means of wall connections or directly to the wall. Closing is ensured by three attachment points that lock the door vertically and are in line with the side guides. When being opened, the door is placed parallel to the ground to create an extruded exterior.

By choosing ALU shutters, you will get a reliable external shade that effectively protects windows from weather influences, while additionally contributes to insulation and improves security in your home. Shutters are made of top quality ALU profiles. You can choose between two types of ALU shutters, between those with fixed slats and those with folding slats. Among the fixed slats are air gaps, through which air enters even with closed shutters, and the folding slats enable three-stage regulation of the opening and thus different degrees of air and light passage into the interior. This proves to be practical especially during the day when we want the passage of air and daylight while protecting our privacy.

Advantages and features:
ALU shutters with fixed slats:
• fixed slats – easy to clean, there are air gaps between the slats, through which air passes even with closed shutters, pleasant design, high stability.
ALU shutters, with folding slats:
• folding slats, pleasant design, high stability, ALU frame for perfect sealing,
three-stage opening regulation.

Advice from our experts

Energy saving of PVC windows is ensured by the use of quality materials.



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