• Energy savings

  • Reduction of heating costs

  • Modern architecture

  • Weather resistance

  • Burglary security

  • Thermal and sound insulation

  • Exceptional durability

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ALU doors are designed toto satisfy an increasingly demanding marketin terms of maintaining the basic characteristics of quality doors. They are suitable for residential areas as well as for business facilities. They meet the needs of customers in the field ofdesign, details and capacity, so we offer different solutions by using different ALU profiles. An appropriate choice of doors completes perfectly stylish appearance, of the house, weekend cottage or business facilities. Doors are made of leading-edge ALU profiles, which are equipped with thermal interruption. ALU doors provide exceptional durability and weather resistance. They are distinguished by a low ALU threshold. The door can be equipped with various hooks and handles, it is also possible to install an electric lock. They can be painted in any color according to the RAL color scale, and they are also available in various color combinations. Doors can be also anodized to diversify the appearance.

The CLASSIC door series is suitable for installation in residential and commercial buildings. The system provides a variety of solutions to meet aesthetic and design needs, broken thermal bridge, lowered thresholds, a coplanar solution and a triple abutment solution..
Total thermal conductivity: Ud=1,0 W/m2K (Ug = 0,5)
Total filling thickness: 22 – 60 mm
Profile type: ALUK 77ID
Type of glazing and filler: minimal depth 20 mm, maximum depth 60/70 mm, double, triple glazing, panel
Frame and sash thickness: frame depth: 77 mm,
Visible sash depth: 76,5/86,5 mm

ALU PREMIUM doors are a high qualityALU system with a wide range of solutions for your home. They meet all the requirements of fire resistance EI30 and EW30. The profiles consist of 5 chambers with a construction depth of 80 mm, also suitable for large passage dimensions.

ALU PREMIUM doors with energy savings and energy production have become a central concept of architecture, closely linked to security issues, automation, and design.
The system allows burglary resistance to RC 3, noise protection, intrusion protection, access control, elegant design and the highest thermal insulation requirements.
Profile type: ADS 80
Type of glazing and filler:
Frame and sash thickness: frame depth 77mm, visible sash depth 76,5/86,5 mm

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Energy saving of PVC windows is ensured by the use of quality materials.



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