• Energy savings

  • Weather resistance

  • Light regulation

  • Weather resistance

  • Burglary security

  • Protects against noise

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External ALU or PVC roller shutters are one of the highest quality and the most commonagainst various weather influences, while preventing sun exposure and limiting nearby noise. You can upgrade your house, apartment or business facility with functionaland durable roller shutters.

ALU roller shutters are made of powder-coated aluminum, filled with polyurethane foam, which provides optimal thermal insulation, window protection and color fastness.

– complete darkening of rooms and at the same time providing quality thermal and sound insulation
– protection of windows from dirt.
In combination with an insect screen, they provide complete protection against insects.

manually witha mono-lever or with anelectric drive(switch or remote control).

Roller shutters are available in three versions:
• surface-mounted mini roller shutter system (ALU or PVC roller shutters)
• over-window concealed system (ALU or PVC roller shutters)
• external concealed mini roller shutter system (ALU or PVC roller shutters)

Aluminum roller shutters also provide effective protection against burglary. The complete system with a small extruded aluminum cabinet is solid, impact resistant and designed to give a long life cycle. Motorized elements prevent and impede the break-in of intruders thanks to the rigid shaft connectors.

Advice from our experts

Energy saving of PVC windows is ensured by the use of quality materials.



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